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 [Ca$h] "Loyality to Success"

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[Ca$h] "Loyality to Success" Empty
PostSubject: [Ca$h] "Loyality to Success"   [Ca$h] "Loyality to Success" EmptySat Feb 28, 2009 4:25 pm

How u all know, it needs a very long time to get from great one-man-shows to one, beasty team! And of course, we all are great single-players, but we have to work had and to play a lot together to get a great team.

So i would say that our goal is: let´s get an amazing team till Modern Warfare 2. For that goal, we have got now many months where we can play and train a lot. The chemistry is already very good, we just have to learn some tacticts and how to communicate the most effective way.

We are gonna make a lot of Matches on CoD4, but don´t take them to serios. cause of course we will loose many games against teams which exists longer. so we use the Matches also as a train, to try some things, tacticts and to work on our communication. This season, our place in the ladder doesn´t counts, cause its our first season and we just have to improve.

And later on, when Modern Warfare 2 is released, till that day we are gonna be a beasty team and we can rock the ladder!!!

greeTz Marc
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[Ca$h] "Loyality to Success"
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